Tottenham Hotspur expands sponsorship relationship with William Hill

Bookmaker William Hill renews its strategic partnership with one of the Premier League’s top clubs, Tottenham Hotspur.
William Hill will remain tottenham shirts official betting partner. Following the signing of a new multiannual contract. Of which both the exact duration and its economic value are unknown. Extending an alliance started in the 2016-2017 season.

As part of the agreement, William Hill will continue to have a significant brand presence. Both in the club’s growing digital channels and on the LED perimeter billboards. In addition, fans will be able to place bets through the bookmaker’s app. Or your website. Taking advantage of the stadium’s WiFi connection.

The bookmaker, as well as a member of the club, has collaborated with the tottenham Hotspur Foundation’s community projects. This includes a six-figure grant to fund the Tottenham Hotspur Elevator Programme. To help Haringey’s youth find employment.

Tottenham Hotspur hace ‘check in’ con

One of the Premier League greats, Tottenham Hotspur, announces the signing of a long-term sponsorship contract with
Starting in the replica football shirt 2018/19 season, becomes Tottenham’s official hosting partner. The new Spurs partner is a global hosting portal. It has hundreds of thousands of places to stay around the world. With 90 local websites in 41 different languages.

The agreement is the first to be signed for the premiere of the new stadium. In which the sponsor will have an important brand presence. Both on the LED advertising fences, as well as on the giant screens and the indoor television network. At the same time, it will be promoted through the club’s website and its digital channels.

On the other hand, will directly relate to the Spurs fan base around the world. With significant discounts on booking hotel rooms, you can make available significant discounts.

Fran Jones, head of sponsorships at Tottenham Hotspur, explains that “as a club, we are privileged to have millions of supporters around the world who travel around the world to support the team. This exciting agreement with will make the process easier and more affordable for fans looking for accommodation both nationally and internationally.”

While Johan Svanstrom, president of, acknowledges that “we are delighted to partner with Tottenham at such an exciting time for the club. Our goal is to provide truly rewarding experiences for our business customers. And, through this relationship, we hope to reward Spurs fans wherever they follow the club.”

America showcases its 3 shirt for the Clausura 2020

With Estadio Azteca in the background, América showed the world their third jersey for the Clausura 2020 of the Liga MX. The design stays true to this season’s collection and continues to deliver nods to Eagle Warriors.
Third T-Shirt America Closure 2020
This time, Nike opted for a vibrant turquoise hue. The idea, they say, is to pay tribute to the famous emblem of the snake Maquizcohuatl. By the way, it reminds us of the green kit of Germany 1994 and adds to the fashion of mint tones that carry teams like Real Madrid or Inter Milan.

Oh, coincidence!

The model features the feathered V-design that also appears on the title T-shirt. The triangles that make up the pattern, in this case are red, yellow and black. This last color also serves for the details of cuffs and collars.

On the back, finally, on the red tape that melts in the neck goes the famous bicéfala snake Maquizcohuatl that inspires the whole concept.
The third American shirt for the Clausura 2020 will be available in the coming days, both in the club store, as well as in the Nike Store and partner stores.

Inter unveils a special edition of its T-shirt to celebrate Chinese New Year

On January 25th the Chinese New Year is celebrated and Inter Milan decided, in its mission to conquer that market, to make a special wink in his cheap inter milan shirts, dedicated to all his fans in that part of the world.

That the club’s owner is Zhang Jindong and his company Suning Holdings Group, both Chinese, probably also influenced the gesture.

2020 Chinese New Year Inter Year T-Shirt
Well, what’s so special about the T-shirt? In the duel against Cagliari, on January 26, the players will take to the field with the same nike model 2019-20, but on the back their ID will be written in Mandarin.

The numbers will also have a special design, with several calligraphic styles for the character “FU”, linked to good luck.