America showcases its 3 shirt for the Clausura 2020

With Estadio Azteca in the background, América showed the world their third jersey for the Clausura 2020 of the Liga MX. The design stays true to this season’s collection and continues to deliver nods to Eagle Warriors.
Third T-Shirt America Closure 2020
This time, Nike opted for a vibrant turquoise hue. The idea, they say, is to pay tribute to the famous emblem of the snake Maquizcohuatl. By the way, it reminds us of the green kit of Germany 1994 and adds to the fashion of mint tones that carry teams like Real Madrid or Inter Milan.

Oh, coincidence!

The model features the feathered V-design that also appears on the title T-shirt. The triangles that make up the pattern, in this case are red, yellow and black. This last color also serves for the details of cuffs and collars.

On the back, finally, on the red tape that melts in the neck goes the famous bicéfala snake Maquizcohuatl that inspires the whole concept.
The third American shirt for the Clausura 2020 will be available in the coming days, both in the club store, as well as in the Nike Store and partner stores.

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