Manchester City’s new 2019-2020 shirt!

The Premier League champion has unveiled what will be his new elastics for the coming season.

Becoming one of the sets to follow every time the transfer market opens, Manchester City is now the protagonist for other topics. Specifically, it is the presentation of what will be your new shirt with a view to a cheap manchester city shirts 2019-2020 season that presents itself as a real challenge.

Thus, after mastering the Premier League for two courses, the team coached by Pep Guardiola will have the great challenge of winning their first Champions League, cheap football shirts china a competition that has been resisted and has not yet been able to rise despite the million-dollar investment that has rea In new signings.

Thus, with Puma, the champion of the English competition has shown his new shirt, which continues to bet on the sky color. It should also be noted that both the number and color of the names of the footballers is inscribed in white. There is no doubt that the elastic citizen will not leave the fans indifferent.

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