The stunning urban design of the third Tottenham shirt 2018-19

Following criticism for the design of their first and second tottenham shirt (equal to a Barcelona training kit), Tottenham began their 2018-19 Premier League campaign with the release of their third uniform for the season.

To be fair, Nike’s work here is much more commendable.

The base of the shirt is composed of two shades of green (darker on the chest than in the abdomen), on which unfolds – apparently – a strange graphic pattern. However, it is not just any majesty, but an aerial image of the Borough of Haringey (N17), a Northern London neighbourhood closely linked to Tottenham’s history.

tottenham hotspur shirt third 2018-2019

As if that weren’t enough, the choice of green isn’t random either. According to the official Nike verse, the tone is a nod to the logo of a brewery that owns part of the land where the club’s new stadium is now being built. Scruffy, but anyway.

Tottenham shirt further announced that the shirt will be worn in much of the club’s campaign in European competitions, such as the Champions League.