Third Manchester City shirt 2018-19

Today Nike opened the curtain to show the world the new third Manchester City shirt 2018-19. The kit – which will be used mainly in the club’s European campaign – has a risky colour palette and adds to the collection of aerial maps that Nike created for Tottenham, AS Roma and Atlético Madrid, among others.

Third Manchester City shirt 2018-19
The main novelty of the jersey is the return of the diagonal band, a classic element in the history of the City and that had been last used in the 2010-11 season.
Its return comes from the hand of a luminous orange on a purple background. In theory a strange combination, but it works in a harmonic way.

And there’s more. The kit also subtly displays an aerial map of Manchester’s east-town and the club’s home Etihad Stadium. It’s almost imperceptible, but there it is.
For those who want to help, we tell them that the kit is available in stores in Manchester City and Nike.

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